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Guns 2009 Lone Star Edition
Five bodybuilders shot after the NPC Lone Star

Prince Fontenot - Beau Myrick - Jaime Davila - Jonathan Irizarry - Freddie Naidu

Guns 2009
Lone Star

This DVD, shot right after the 2009 NPC Lone Star Classic, features five bodybuilders in top contest shape.

First up is Beau Myrick, a young bodybuilder with the face and physique to make huge strides in modeling and/or bodybuilding. The DVD includes approximately 38 minutes of Beau posing for photos and flexing around and in the swimming pool wearing trunks and jeans.

Next on the DVD is 28 minutes of top-level national competitor Prince Fontenot, who carries a massive amount of thick, ripped muscle. Prince likewise poses for photos and flexes in and around the pool. He also poses with the sword and shield he received for his win at the show.

Freddie Naidu follows with 10 minutes of footage that proves that good physiques need not be huge physiques. Freddie poses for photos and then trains at Metroflex Gym in Plano, Texas.

Bodybuilder number four is REPS Magazine cover model Jaime Davila. The always in-shape Davila brings his A-game to the shoot, with approximately 22 minutes of stellar posing for photos and hitting the weights at Metroflex Gym Plano.

Last up is several minutes of gym footage featuring teen bodybuilder Jonathan Irizarry. Six weeks later Jonathan would win the light heavyweight class at the 2009 NPC Teen Nationals. His impressive physique in this DVD shows his enormous potential.

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Lone Star
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Guns 2009
Lone Star
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