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Guns Young Muscle 2009
Five young bodybuilders with great physiques & futures

Charley Montreiul -- Jonathan Irizarry -- Alvin Viernes -- Chris Darby -- Ben Roden

Guns 2009
Young Muscle

Guns Young Muscle 2009 showcases five young bodybuilders who have already earned respect and name recognition for themselves in the physique world.

The DVD begins with approximately nine minutes of footage of Oklahoma bodybuilder Ben Roden training at a Tulsa Gym. Ben, known for his baseball biceps and freaky ab development, placed second in his class at the Oklahoma NPC Bodybuilding Championships the day before the shoot.

Next up is Hawaii bodybuilder Alvin Viernes, a national-level contender who outclassed his rivals at the 2009 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas. You'll see about 43 total minutes of Alvin training at Gold's Gym in Las Vegas and then posing outdoors for photos at UNLV. If you haven't seen Alvin before you'll be impressed by his symmetry, wide back and winning smile.

Canadian bodybuilder Charley Montreiul proves that great physiques can come from cold climates. Charley, who has built a successful web site and fan base, trains at Gold's Gym and then heads outdoors for a photo shoot at a Las Vegas hotel courtyard, displaying his amazing flexibility and athletic ability in the process.

Joining Charley for some posing at Gold's Gym is teen bodybuilder Jonathan Irizarry, one week after winning the light heavyweight class at the 2009 NPC Teen Nationals. Jonathan then teams up with Chris Darby, a highly ranked national level bantamweight / lightweight, for some killer biceps and triceps training at Gold's Gym.

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Young Muscle
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Guns 2009
Young Muscle
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