Backstage men's bodybuilding at the 2010
NPC Branch Warren Competition

Teen bodybuilding prodigy Kenneth Jones and many more athletes

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Backstage at the
2010 NPC Branch
Warren Competition

Kenneth Jones and more backstage

Pro bodybuilder Branch has risen to the top of the bodybuilding world through grueling workouts and dedication to the sport. His fan base has soared as have his placings in the Arnold Classic and the Olympia. So it was no surprise when the NPC allowed Branch to have his namesake show, which recdntly became a national qualifying event.

The 2010 NPC Branch Warren drew a large number of bodybuilders from Texas and neighboring states. We staffed the backstage area to shoot these athletes as they pumped, oiled, posed, got painted, carbed up, and talked the sport. Teenage bodybuilder Kenneth Jones emerged as one of the stars of the show and went on to place second at the NPC Teen Nationals. You'll see lots of Kenneth and dozens more great physiques in this new muscle-packed production. Order at right or as part of a package below.

Backstage NPC BW (excerpts)

Backstage NPC BW 50x preview

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