Big, Bad Bayou Biceps
Josh Bergeron --- Chuck Biggio

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Big, Bad
Bayou Biceps

Huge guns shot in the Bayou State

When people say that Baton Rouge bodybuilder Josh Bergeron has some of the best biceps peaks in the business, one thing is certain. They're not "joshing."

And fellow Louisianian Chuck Biggo likewise has awesome guns and a classy physique. So what better way to showcase these bodybuilding buds than an intense workout in the Baton Rouge suburb of Walker?

Josh and Chuck warm up their physiques before blasting biceps and triceps. And blast them they do. It's an arm show that is not to be missed.

This DVD includes approximately 105 minutes of footage and is recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R discs. It's available for ordering at right or as part of a money saving two or six DVD package. CLICK HERE to check out the package offers.

If you're a fan of "big guns," this is a must-have DVD for your video arsenal!

Big Bad Bayou Biceps (excerpts)
Big Bad Bayou Biceps 50x PV

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Big, Bad
Bayou Biceps
110 minutes





Big, Bad
Bayou Biceps
110 minutes


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