Amin Shahry: Naturally Sculpted
Extended preview of Amin in "Naurally Scuplted" and "Guns 28"

Amin Shahry: Naturally Sculpted

Texas bodybuilder Amin Shahry has become one of YouTube's most viewed bodybuilders. A one-minute clip of Amin on MostMuscular.Com's YouTube channel - tobydog22 - has netted more than 3.8 MILLION views as of March 1, 2009, making it the number 11 rated clip under the keyword "bodybuilder" in the entire YouTube universe -- putting that clip in the view count territory of Ronnie Coleman, Arnold, David Henry, and other legends of the sport. In this clip Amin does his trademark ab posing triad -- traditional ab crunch, the vacuum pose, and then the freaky ab "rope" pose. While a handful of other bodybuilders can perform these poses as well, Amin arguably does it best.

But there is lot more to Amin than his amazing abs.

His physique is a total package -- ripped and symmetrical with dense, floeing muscularity from head to toe. His high placings at national-level NPC, Musclemania and other natural shows attest to the quality of his physique.

In this new DVD release -- Amin Shahry: Naturally Ripped -- you'll get a personal perspective into the life and training of this rising young bodybuilding star.

We get started with an interview session in which Amin talks about bodybuilding, his lifestyle, and his goals for the future. Then it's off to the gym for a training session in Lubbock, Texas.

We then head back to his apartment where he demonstrates and explains the nutritional aspects of his bodybuilding game plan.

Then it's off to the park on a spectacular summer day for an extended photo shoot. You'll see Amin in a variety of different poses, backgrounds and attires -- all of which showcase his exceptional physique. In fact, we shot so much good material that we had to save part of it for a separate DVD, Guns Volume 28.

We wrap up this personal showcase DVD with Amin riding back to the gym, hitting the weights again, and being interviewed by a local television station.

Don't miss this in-depth profile of Amin. One hour and 46 minutes of quality muscle recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R discs.

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