Backstage at the 2010 Arnold Amateur
The best amateur bodybuilders from around the world!

Backstage at the 2010
2010 Arnold Amateur

Thousands of athletes and tens of thousands of fans gather in Columbus every year for one of the most spectacular events in the sports world -- The Arnold Sports Festival. For bodybuilding fans it's heaven on earth, with competitions in men's and women's bodybuilding, fitness and figure at both the amateur and professional levels. And while the Arnold Classic features the top IFBB pro men in the world, the IFBB Arnold Amateur draws an increasingly large number of incredible bodybuilders from all across the world.

Working with PosedownMag.Com -- one of the early sponsors of the Arnold Amateur -- we went backstage to interview athletes and other legends of the sport and bring you a unique backstage perspective of bodybuilders getting ready for their on-stage posing and performances at both the prejudging and finals.

This DVD focuses exclusively on the Arnold Amateur Men's Bodybuilding Championships. You'll see more than 80 minutes of these amazing athletes pump and pose backstage both before and after the competitions. Huge, shredded, vascular physiques up close and in motion!

Be sure to visit for dozens of exclusive backstage interviews with the men and women who step on stage and those who make these incredible events a reality, including Jim Lorimer, Lonnie Teper, Jan Tana and many more from fitness, figure, bodybuilding and strongman, as well as info on more DVDs from the Arnold Sports festival.

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