Giant Killers and More - Jacksonville 2009
IFBB Pros Tricky Jackson, Daryl Gee, Charles Dixon & Jocelyn Jean
Plus bodybuilders Carlos Rodriguez and De'Mario Forest from the 2009 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic

Giant Killers

Jacksonville 2009

Holding the title of Mr. Olympia obviously has tremendous advantages. Among the perks that come with the title is the ability to attract good talent to the bodybuilding show that bears your name. And such as the case for the 2009 IFBB Jacksonville 202 Pro and NPC Dexter Jackson Classic.

The 202 competition was deep and intense, and we lined up four pros for shoots the day after the event while they were in full, ripped condition: Tricky Jackson, Daryl Gee, Charles Dixon and Jocelyn Jean. We likewise rounded up two of the top NPC competitors - Carlos Rodriguez and De'Mario Forest - for gym footage as well.

Carlos, the overall men's NPC champ at the event, is the total bodybuilding package - great physiques and a cover model look. You'll see this champ training his shredded back. De'Mario sports a chiseled, symmetrical physique and some of the best biceps outside the pro ranks. We shot extensive footage of De'Mario in the gym, focusing on those amazing guns.

Speaking of "guns," there's Daryl Gee, who qualified for the Olympia at the Jacksonville Pro just one week after earning his pro card at the 2009 NPC USA in Vegas. Daryl was ripped to the bone at the IFBB 202 event, and his arms came in as nothing short of exceptional. You'll see Daryl's exceptional biceps and triceps in mind-blowing detail as he pumps out rep after rep.

Tricky Jackson is known for both his posing prowess and his consistently balanced physique, and he lived up to his reputation at the Jacksonville Pro. We shot Tricky for more than two hours at the local World Gym, showcasing several of his textbook muscle groups.

Charles Dixon, who qualified for the Olympia several weeks later at the Europa Dallas event, brought his total package to Jacksonville. Watch as Charles rips through the gym displaying the classic muscle that earned him a trip to the Olympia.

Rounding out this exceptional muscle collection is IFBB Pro Jocelyn Jean, who showcases his classic physique with inspiring gym workouts and posing.

This production runs two hours and two minutes and is available in NTSC DVD format. It's one of our best DVDs ever, so be sure to order it today!

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