Giant Killers 2009: Olympia Edition

Five IFBB pros shot one day after the 2009 IFBB Olympia

Jose Raymond - Kris Dim - Tricky Jackson - Clarence Devis - Jason Arntz

Two DVD set - More than three hours and 22 minutes of ripped muscle!

Giant Killers 2009 Olympia Edition

Just a few years ago many great bodybuilders who won their pro cards as bantamweights, lightweights or middleweights had little chance in pro competitions against the giants of the sport, such as Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and the like. But times have changed. The IFBB recently introduced a 202-pound weight division (210 pounds the initial year) to level the playing field a bit, and the response from both athletes and fans has been enthusiastic.

The 2009 IFBB Olympia 202 competition brought a slew of competition qualified pros to Vegas for the annual extravaganza, and the physiques were nothing short of incredible. We met up with five of these "Giant Killers" at the Golds Gym on Eastern Avenue the morning after the competition and videotaped some incredible gym footage.

Jason Arntz and Clarence Devis hit the weights to train their bulging biceps, titanic triceps and pumped pecs. Tricky Jackson and Kris Dim did their thing with a variety of back exercises and were joined by Jose Raymond for some mind-blowing footage of hamstrings, quads and calves.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity we employed the use of three camcorders to capture the muscle from a variety of angles and perspectives. Two of the camcorders were manned by national champion bodybuilders we have worked with extensively in the past -- 2009 NPC Collegiate Nationals Overall Champion Yumon Eaton and 2009 NPC Teen Nationals Light Heavyweight Champion Jonathan Irizarry. Thanks to their help we ended up with two DVDs, one from the primary close-up camcorder and the other from Yumon's and Jonathan's handiwork.

The end product -- three hours and 22 minutes of ripped, vascular IFBB pro physiques in top shape, shot at one of the premier gyms in the Las Vegas area. It's a show of quality muscle you don't want to miss.

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Giant Killers
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