Guns, etc. 2003: Granite Peaks
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This is the second "Guns 2003" DVD of the year, and it's loaded with awesome arms.

The first featured athlete is Craig Torres, who takes his rock-like biceps through a wide variety of workouts. Craig hits legs and abs as well, with almost an hour of muscle-pumping action.

Craig joins Ko Chandetka for a brief flex-off after the 2003 NPC Junior Nationals, and then the focus shifts to Ko, whose biceps are shaped like eggs -- with the small end up!

Then there's Buzz Bartels, a national-level collegiate competitor with huge arms. Eighteen year-old 2003 NPC Teen Nationals Middleweight champion Ralph Teich poses and trains his 18-inch cannons. Jared Whale, whose perfectly-shaped biceps can curl more poundage than many heavier bodybuilders, poses and warms up his guns at the 2003 NPC Utah Cup. And last, but not least, is Texas competitor Jerry Serna, whose textbook biceps are matched by great abs and calves.

This brand new production is approximately 1:50 in length and is available in DVD-R or DVD+R format.

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