Guns Volume 17.
Awesome arms, powerful pecs, and much, much more!

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Ray Barnett

Cleveland Thomas

Joe Ament


Darren Gumbs

NGA Crockett Street Classic Stage


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We shoot professional bodybuilders. We shoot top-level amateurs. And we shoot athletes we believe have a lot of potential in the bodybuilding and modeling worlds. And that well describes the compilation of outstanding physiques you'll see in "Guns Volume 17."

This production starts with footage of Ray Barnett training at a St. Louis, Missouri gym. Ray, a national-level NPC competitor, has some of the best pecs on any middleweight we've ever seen. So that's what Ray trains and poses -- massive, shredded pecs in rep after rep, pose after pose. Then Ray moves on to train his big biceps, followed by training pecs and biceps together. Check the still images of Ray and you'll see how impressive he is!

Next is natural bodybuilder Cleveland Thomas, shot right after his professional class win at the 2005 NGA Crockett Street Classic. A former NGA national pro champion, Cleveland trains arms and chest, and we focus on his peaked baseball biceps. You'll also be impressed with Cleveland's overall ripped and symmetrical physique and personality.

Our third featured competitor is national-level NPC competitor Joe Ament. We shot Joe at the video-friendly Gold's Gym on East Flamingo Road in Las Vegas during the 2005 NPC USA. Joe looks great doing every exercise and from every angle, and our shoot bears that out.

Fourth on our list for this production is Darren Gumbs, a young but very talented competitor whose original home is the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Darren has won numerous titles as a teen and a junior competitor in NPC, IFBB and European competitions. His virtually flawless physique is highlighted in pose after pose.

Finally, we conclude with some top physiques on-stage at the 2005 NGA Crockett Street Classic pro-am competition.

This production is 88 minutes of massive muscle recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R.

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