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IFBB Pro Michael Lockett

Josh Bergeron

Musclemania pro Luis Plata

Dewayne Malone

Abundio Munoz

In our DVD "Guns: The New Breed," we showcased Michael Lockett's staggeringly massive physique as he hit the World Gym in downtown Columbus, Ohio, the evening before his shoot with Muscular Development the next morning. In this production, "Guns Volume 21," we give Michael a chance to impress a few fans with his posing. And impress everyone he did!

We shot Michael upstairs with a single-source light to produce dramatic visual effects on his mind-blowing physique. You'll see Michael hitting pose after pose, showing off his massive musculature from the front, the sides and the back. From his eight-pack abs to giant calves to striated gluts to cannonball shoulders, Mike shows why he won his pro card later in 2007. For an earlier look at Michael, check out his workout and posing footage in Guns 11.

A relative new face on the NPC national-level face belonged to Josh Bergeron, a graduate of two-time BCS national champion Louisiana State University. Josh traveled from the bayou state to Chicago where he competed in the NPC Junior Nationals. Once he stepped on stage everyone knew he wasn't "joshing."

We shot gym footage of Josh the day after the Chicago event. We focused on his uniquely peaked biceps in rep after mind-blowing rep. Josh also hit a variety of poses showcasing the rest of his physique. And we won't be surprised to see Josh on a magazine cover or in a featured magazine shoot in the near future.

A more familiar face to MostMuscular.Com clients and subscribers is that of Musclemania competitor Luis Plata. We've shot Luis on a number of occasions before, and he always showed up in the states ripped to the bone. In the fall of 2007 he showed up in arguably his best-ever condition and took first place in the pro division of the Musclemania World in Los Angeles. We shot some great photos of Luis outdoors and then hit the gym for what turned out to be our best-ever footage of the champ. Powerful biceps, carved-up back, washboard abs -- you'll see all these and more in our footage of Luis. For more of the always impressive Mr. Plata check out Guns 8 and Guns 9.

Another MostMuscular.Com "veteran" is Abundio Munoz, who was featured in Guns: Metroflex 2. In that DVD we focused on his bodybuilding efforts. This time you'll get a look at Abundio as both a bodybuilder and a martial arts specialist as he returns to the legendary Metroflex Gym

And finally we bring the camcorders to the physique of natural Texas competitor Dewayne Malone. You'll see gym training and posing from this up-and-coming bodybuilding personality.

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Guns: Volume 21

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