Guns Volume 28
Extended preview of Amin in "Naurally Scuplted" and "Guns 28"

Guns Volume 28

If you are a fan of Amin Shary, we have you covered.

We're releasing Amin's new DVD - Amin Shahry: Naturally Sculpted - simultaneously with the release of this DVD - Guns Volume 28.

This DVD picks up where Amin's DVD left off -- with Amin hitting mind-boggling poses outdoors at a west Texas park. Amin isn't the biggest bodybuilder around, but his symmetry and conditioning combine to produce a unique eye-catching physique package.

And there are more outdoor shoots. Orlando Smith from Cincinnati, Ohio. A veteran of high placings at national-level NPC competitions. Huge, thick pecs and peaked biceps stand out. You'll see Orlando at his best shot just after dawn in a lush Ohio setting.

Texas bodybuilders Joe McRee and Adam Young are building a fan base based on thickness and solid musculature. You'll see Joe and Adam posing for photos the day after an NPC competition in Houston, Texas.

Chicago is another hotbed of bodybuilding talent. You'll see two of the area's younger competitors - Matt Sanchez and Christopher San Juan - training and posing in a Windy City gym.

And, finally, we took our camcorders to the traditional Musclemania Universe "media shoot" event on the waterfron in Miami, Florida, to shoot video of the athletes posing for photographers from all over the world. Exceptional physiques in top condition, outdoors, hamming it up for the cameras -- and our camcorder.

One hour and 35 minutes of muscular size, symmetry, definition and personality. Recorded on DVD-R in NTSC format. Priced just right in tough economic times.

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Guns 28



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