Guns Volume 29

Guns Volume 29

We began our "Guns" series of DVDs back in 2002 with short segments featuring 13 bodybuilders training and posing their exceptional arms. Seven years and more than 100 new bodybuilding DVDs later we continue the tradition, and Guns Volume 29 is our latest addition to the series.

We get started with an "old" but still young favorite, Brandon Bass, who combines an excellent physique with movie star looks and a winning personality. In the first segment we shoot video of Brandon as we also shoot some indoor gym photos. Then there's more of Brandon as he trains, poses and explains his bodybuilding game plan.

Next is another "Guns" veteran, Guillermo Escalante. We shoot him working his impressive biceps at a Gold's Gym in Las Vegas.

Then it's back to Texas for a workout and posing session with James Alami in Houston, Texas. James lays claim to a solid, balanced physique with exceptional biceps, which, of course, we showcase in this video. And speaking of Texans and Houston, you'll also see footage of gym owner / bodybuilder Ryan Bushfield, a veteran of several Texas NPC competitions, and teenage builder Trey Hoffart, whose rugged development and peaked biceps are particularly impressive for someone his age.

And our final featured athlete, bodybuilder / model Jason Phillips. We first encountered Jason several years ago during the Arnold Classic, where he asked if we could take a few minutes and shoot some photos of him. We gladly did so, and he utilized those photos to launch a successful modeling career. You'll see Jason hitting the weights in Vegas while in town for the Olympia weekend.

Don't miss this compilation of bodybuilding and modeling talent as they climb their respective career ladders.

One hour and 29 minutes of "guns" and more in NTSC on DVD-R discs. Available now with easy and affordable ordering below.

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