Guns Volume 32
Backstage and on-stage men's bodybuilding
at the 2009 NPC Oklahoma Bodybuilding Championships

IFBB Pro Brandon Curry, Rico Roberson, Marcus Pfeifer, David Taylor, Ben Roden & many more

Guns Volume 32: The 2009 NPC Oklahoma

WMV preview of the DVD ---------- Many more stills from the DVD here

The NPC Oklahoma Bodybuilding Championships boasts a long tradition of quality competitors, and the 2009 version of the Tulsa-based show was no exception.

We shot almost two hours (1:56 to be more precise) of footage both in the well-lighted and spacious backstage area as well as on-stage when the best physiques were posing for prejudging and the finals.

Some of the competitors in the show are also clients we shot before or after the competition in outdoor photo shoots and/or gym training / posing video. These include Marcus Pfeiffer, Wes Leonard, Ben Roden, Matt Sorrells and David Taylor. Another client we have worked with in the past, Rico Roberson, dazzled the audience with both his chiseled physique and his martial arts demonstration. And IFBB Pro muscle prodigy Brandon Curry likewise graced the stage with his crowd-pleasing physique.

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