Guns Volume 34
Jeff Massingburg - Kevin Perod - Matt Fleming - Nick Del Toro - Ivan Blazquez
And backstage men at the 2009 NPC Branch Warren bodybuilding event


Guns Vol. 34
Big, ripped & backstage

We started this muscle-packed production with backstage footaage of the male bodybuilders at the 2009 NPC Branch Warren championships in Conroe, Texas. Among the faces we shot backstage was the event's overall open men's bodybuilding champion, Kevin Perod, whom we also shot outdoors later in this DVD.

Placing second to Kevin in the open heavyweight class at the show was big Jeff Massingburg. We caught a bit of Jeff backstage but waited until the day after the show to shoot with Jeff at a Dallas-area park where his huge biceps and overall muscle density amazed us.

We also did a lengthy shoot with Texas teen bodybuilder Matt Fleming in a Dallas area park. And we traveled to Longview, Texas, to shoot two natural bodybuilding competitors -- Ivan Blazquez, who was crowned an NGA pro the day before -- and Nick Del Toro, whose 6-foot-3 frame packs a lot of quality muscle.

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