Guns Volume 9.
Featuring competitors from the 2005 Musclemania World


Amin Shahry----------------------------------------------Quanne McCutchen


Luis Plata ----------------------------------------------Judd Lienhard


James Kohler ----------------------------------------------Matt Stirling

The Musclemania World Championships, held annually in southern California, brought some awesome talent to Hollywood in 2005. And the event lived up to its legendary location, with dozens of awesome physiques on stage for an enthusiastic crowd.

After shooting thousands of photos on stage and outdoors on Friday and Saturday, we hung out at a nearby gym all day Sunday to videotape eight of the best competitors from the show. We shot enough footage for two full feature DVDs with some footage left over for inclusion in a third. Six of these muscular stars are featured in "Guns Volume 9."

Winning the hard-fought junior class was veteran competitor Matt Stirling from Canada, whose perfectly sculptured physique and cover model looks earned him the top nod. You'll see the personable and photogenic Matt training biceps and chest at the Hollywood Gym.

Placing second in the tough juniors class was Amin Shahry from Texas, who was shredded to the bone. Shapely biceps and an incredibly detailed back highlight the physique of this awesome young man. There's plenty more of Amin showcased in "Guns Volume 8."

New York's Quanne McCutchen arrived in Hollywood with his trademark ripped midsection and massive, peaked biceps. You'll see plenty of Quanne curling and flexing those huge guns. More footage of those awesome arms is available in "Guns Volume 8."

Arguably the most ripped competitor in the entire show was Luis Plata. From his baseball biceps to his rock-hard calves, Plata's physique was nothing less than spectacular. No matter what body part Plata trained in this production the result was the same: Awesome video! You can see lots more of Luis in the "Guns Volume 8" DVD.

We also showcase Judd Lienhard, one of the taller competitors in the show. Judd stuck around the gym most of the day Sunday to train his big biceps, massive chest, and other muscle groups in numerous exercises and poses. You'll see plenty of Judd's peaked guns in this DVD as well as in "Guns Volume 8."

Rounding out this stellar production is another of the taller competitors in the show, James Kohler, who won his class with a hard, symmetrical physique seldom seen in competitors over six feet tall. His biceps are truly spectacular with classic shape and definition, and he knows how to train and pose them! There's plenty of footage of James' guns is this production as well as in "Guns Volume 10."

This DVD production is approximately one hour and 28 minutes running time and is recorded in DVD-R format. Available now!

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Guns Volume 9

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