Guns, etc. 2004: Chicago Edition 

We're going to have at least two (maybe three) Guns, etc. 2004 DVDs. This is the first one we're releasing.

We asked five competitors from the 2004 NPC Jr. Nationals to meet us at the gym Sunday for a video shoot. And shoot we did -- most of the afternoon.

Competitors include 22-year-old Chris Jalali, whose rock-hard, symmetrical physique -- and awesome arms -- earned him a third place trophy in the middleweight class; the incredibly lean Dan Schmidt, whose physique is a textbook on the human musculature; the aesthetic and enthusiastic Darryl French; hometown competitor Jo Ji, whose massive arms and chest are trumped only by his freaky calves; and Shea West, who boasts awesome biceps, triceps and chest.

This brand new production is approximately 91 minutes long and is available in DVD-R format.

CLICK HERE to see a sample clip from the video.
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