Guns, etc. 2004: Dallas Edition

2 DVD set - More than three hours of training and posing!

The continuing saga of our "Guns" series continues with our newest and biggest addition to the group: "Guns, etc. 2004 - Dallas Edition."

We has so much great footage we made this as a two DVD set, which features nine bodybuilders training, flexing and posing down the day after the 2004 NPC Nationals and the 2004 NPC Lone Star Classic.

Featured competitors from the Nationals include Troy Tate, whose symmetry and exceptional legs and glutes won him a top five placing in the 2003 NPC Jr. Nationals; Heath Warren, a super ripped bantamweight who finished third at the Nationals; the legendary Tricky Jackson, always a crowd favorite at national-level competitions; Craig Torres, who competed in his best-ever shape at the Nationals with his rock-hard biceps, of course; Ray Barnett, whose balance and muscle density earned him a sixth-place finish at the 2003 Jr. Nationals as a middleweight; Phil McDowell, whose mass and muscle density puts him among the hbiggest in the business, and Brandon Chiles, who's awed fans in Oklahoma for years with his size and definition.

Featured competitors from the Lone Star include the heavily-armed Lance Johnson, light heavyweight winner at both the 2004 Jr. Nationals and the 2004 NPC Masters Nationals; and Kyle Cavnar, a teenage competitor with the genetics and dedication to go a long way in bodybuilding and/or modeling.

Footage includes lots of biceps training as well as working out backs, legs, shoulders, triceps and chests. This awesome production is also availabe as part of a money-saving package when purchased with "Pecs, 2004."

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This DVD-R production is available in NTSC format and runs approximately three hours total time on a two-DVD set. All contents of this page, this site and this production are Copyright 2000-2005 by MostMuscular.Com.


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Guns, etc. Dallas Edition

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