Guns: Houston Volume 1

Chris Darby


Tuan Tran


Chris Heitman


Wes Simon


Adam Young

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We rounded up seven of the most photogenic competitors from the 2006 NPC John Sherman Classic for a full day of gym and outdoor shoots the day after the competition. Five of those competitors are showcased in Guns: Houston Volume 1.

The journey begins with Chris Darby, fresh off his Junior Class win at the Musclemania Texas and the lightweight open title at the John Sherman. You'll see 18 minutes of Chris posing outdoors for both the camera and the camcorder as well as biceps training and posing in the gym.

Next up is 16 minutes of Tuan Tran, whose exotic look, magnetic personality, massive pecs and chiseled abs make for a killer combination. You'll see Tuan working pecs and biceps in the gym and posing both indoors and outdoors. Like several other bodybuilders we shot in Houston, we like to refer to Tuan as "a nagazine cover waiting to happen."

Tuan placed second in the John Sherman novice lightweight class to his friend and workout partner Chris Heitman. It was a tough class and a close call.

Chris showcases his peaked, baseball biceps from a variety of angles in his nine miniutes of posing and training. His small waist, great V-taper and washboard abs make him another candidate for a future magazine cover.

Next up is Wes Simon, who took home the second-place trophy is the John Sherman open heavyweight class. This production includes 22 minutes of Wes, training chest and biceps in the gym as well as posing his well-sculpted physique outdoors.

Bringing us home is the photogenic Adam Young. This heavyweight has the look of a bodybuilder-model, and you'll see that in the 22 minutes of Adam in a posedown with Wes, training chest and biceps, and tons of outdoor posing.

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