Guns, 2005: Lone Star Edition


The NPC Lone Star Classic bodybuilding show held annually in Plano, Texas, is one of the premier muscle events in the state of Texas. And this year's event was no exception.

So we corralled seven of the best competitors from the show for some muscle-pumping and arm wrestling footage in a nearby gym the day after the show.

First up on the agenda are long-time friends Jack Colten and Jim Seratt. Jack took first place in the open heavyweight while Jim placed a close second in the open light heavies.

Jim boasts an exceptionally balanced overall physique while Jack's calves are truly in the "freaky" class.

The DVD features Jack and Jim training arms and chest in a lighthearted workout culminated by some arm wrestling fun between the two buddies.

Next on the agenda are middleweights Roland Davis and Marshall Hobbs Jr., who took first place in both the novice overall and masters men's classes. Hobbs sports a ripped physique with baseball biceps that steal the show. Davis, of Hawaiian descent, aspires to become a model.

Two more workout partners round out this exceptional DVD. James Hibler and Jason Richardson both have excellent arms and pump them to the max in this production. You'll also see James and Jason take on one another in a series of arm wrestling matches.

And, we did say seven competitors, didn't we? Number seven is James Davila, who's showcased in a few arm wrestling segments at the end of the DVD. If you want to see more of James pumping his heavy-duty guns and chiseled abs, check out "Guns: Model Muscle."

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Jim Seratt

Jack Colten

Roland Davis

Marshall Hobbs

Jason Richardson

James Hibler

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Guns 2005: Lone Star Edition

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