Guns, 2005: Model Muscle


Featuring seven bodybuilders with the total package!

ccJaime Davila ---------------------- Kaleo Timas ---------------- Guillermo Escalante ---------- Rob Thornborrow

We crossed paths with lots of great bodybuilders during the summer of 2005. And within that group were quite a few competitors with that special look that enables them to cross over between bodybuilding and modeling. So we grouped seven of these gifted athletes together in one of our best DVD offerings to date: "Guns: Model Muscle."

We shot Brandon Bass and Jamie Davila training in the Dallas, Texas area. Jaime, with classic good look, big biceps, and a captivating personality, won his class in the 2005 NPC Heart of Texas. Brandon, who sports a big chest, tiny waist and movie-star good looks, took the modeling title at the Europa Super Show in Arlington, Texas. Watch as these two exceptional Texans hit the weights to train their solid, symmetrical physiques.

On to Las Vegas where the odds are always in one's favor to find some exceptional competitors during and after the NPC USA. 2005 was no exception, as we visited the Gold's Gym on East Flamingo Rd. to aim our camcorders at Guillermo Escalante, Kaleo Timas and Rob Thornborrow. Guillermo, who recently signed an endorsement deal with a supplement company, trains his baseball biceps. Rob, who is a favorite on several modeling sites, showcases his freaky-peaked arms and thick chest. Kaleo trains various bodyparts on his lean, ripped physique.You'll see these three guys train, pump and pose biceps and other body parts up close!

And finally, we hooked up with two of the upcoming young talents in the sport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, right after the 2005 NPC Teen and Collegiate Championships. Both Joey Gloor and Will Furner have the physiques and faces to succeed in either bodybuilding or physique modeling, and you'll see why in this awesome DVD production. Joey's physique is chiseled to the bone in the image of a Greek statue. Will's workout focuses on his peaked biceps, and he knows how to show them off to the max!

This hand-picked collection of seven crossover athletes is sure to entertain, inspire and motivate!

Running time is approximately one hour and 26 minutes and is recorded in DVD-R.

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We also shot high resolution photos of all the guys in this DVD. These photos, which number inb the hundreds, will be published on MostMuscular.Com ULTRA.

Will Furner -------------------- Joey Gloor ------------------------ Brandon Bass

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Guns 2005: Model Muscle Edition

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