Guns, 2005: N'Orleans Edition

We lined up a private gym the day after the 2005 Musclemania Delta to shoot four of the top competitors from the show.

Little did anyone imagine at that time that only two weeks later a massive killer storm would bring one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history to the New Orleans area as well as the Mississippi and Alabama coasts.

The DVD features men's overall winner Tyson Hill, men's novice winner Myles Hannaman, class winner Wyatt Vial, and first-time competitor Matt Tuger. All four competitors are Southeastern Louisiana University students who train at the on-campus facility in Hammond, Louisiana, one of many communities impacted by the winds of Hurricane Katrina.

You'll see these four young bucks training biceps, chest and abs and posing their ripped physiques. Ad Musclemania President Lou Zwick observed at the show, "These young men are the future of the sport." We think you'll agree!

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Tyson Hill

Myles Hannaman

Wyatt Vial

Matt Tuger

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Guns 2005: N'Orleans Edition

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