Guns November Muscle

Guns November Muscle

For all practical purposes -- at least in the United States -- "bodybuilding season" runs from February through November. OK, there is the well-respected NPC Excalibur competition in December in the Los Angeles area, but 95% of bodybuilders by that time have taken a break from strict diets and indulged at Thanksgiving and are waiting for Christmas and New Year's for two more feasts. So that's makes November a prime month for shooting competitors at their best as they compete in the NPC Nationals, the Musclemania World, or other end-of-season championships promoted by other bodybuilding organizations.

And that's what we did in our new release, November Muscle.

We bring back a long-time client and friend, Jack Colten, as he goes through a grueling workout in an Oklahoma City gym in preparation for the NPC Nationals. His intensity produces plenty of sweat and comes close to blood and tears as he pushes his massive muscular physique to its limits.

Next you'll see another MostMuscular veteran, Pete Castella, in ripped condition with lats like a bat and veins that would make Dracula drool. We caught Pete in Las Vegas before he caught a plane to be in a New York wedding.

And back to the Sooner State to shoot Oklahoma City bodybuilder Antone Fulmer training his classy, symmetrical physique. Fulmer trains several muscle groups and hits plenty of poses in between.

And we wrap things up with a couple of training partners who live in Vegas but went off in different directions for their last show of the year. Carl Matthews Jr. stayed home in Vegas where he took home a first-place trophy from the Musclemania event there. Zin Croon notched a top ten placing at the always tough NPC Nationals. We shot these guys in the gym the Sunday after the shows. The result was an awesome shoot of two ripped competitors hitting the weights and stunningly impressive poses.

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