Guns: Red River Muscle

Brian Attebery

Jon Conneely

Ryan Alizadeh

Ryan Hames

Marcus Wade

Red River preview clip: CLICK HERE

The 2006 NPC Red River Classic featured an impressive ensemble of young bodybuilding talent, and we corralled some of the best for Guns: Red River Muscle, our first new DVD for 2007.

This production features five competitors from the event training, flexing, and posing for our cameras and camcorders the day after the Norman, Oklahoma event.

Brian Attebery, a local gym owner, national-level competitor and one of the more massive competitors in the show, hits the gym to train arms and his huge chest. Collegiate strength coach Jon Conneely likewise trains his shapely arms and chest at Body Tech Gym in Moore, Oklahoma.

Training buddies Ryan Alizadeh, Ryan Hames and Marcus Wade showcase their ripped physiques in training, posing and photo sessions the day after the show. Hames went on to compete in the 2006 NPC Nationals.

This exciting new DVD features competitors never before featured on MostMuscular.Com. It's your chance to see new faces and physiques destined to climb the ladder of bodybuilding success.

The production is available in DVD-R , NTSC format, and runs one hour and 45 minutes.

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