Guns Red River 2009
Four competitors from the 2009 NPC Red River Classic
Nick Soto - Michael Beene - Jerry Resendiz - Matt Robinson


Guns Red
River 2009
Four bodybuilders from the
2009 NPC Red River Classic

More than 2,000 years ago a Chinese philosopher coined the phrase "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." In the bodybuilding world the "first step" to fame often begins in the novice or open class at a local competition.

Our DVD, Guns Red River 2009, focuses on four competitors who stepped on stage at that competition and achieved milestones in their bodybuilding journeys.

Nick Soto first hit the stage in the modeling competition at the 2008 Europa Supershow in Dallas, Texas. Nick won the overall novice competition at the 2009 NPC Red River Classic and plans to continue climbing the modeling and bodybuilding ladder at future events.

Michael Beene won the novice lightweight class at the show. For Michael, it was a giant step for a man who formerly tipped the scales at a non-muscular 320 pounds.

Matt Robinson, open lightweight winner, and Jerry Resendiz, second in the novice lightweight class, also impressed fans and advanced their bodybuilding careers at the event.

We captured all four of these guys at their best with gym footage in Oklahoma and Texas. You'll see bulging biceps, flaring lats, rippling pecs and more. One hour and 40 minutes of training and posing by up and coming bodybuilders. Don't miss this muscle!

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