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Five awesome bodybuilders from the 2005 MuscleMania Superbody

Adam Cohen ---------------------- --- Quanne McCutchen ----- ------------- Myles Hannaman -

Mo Mendez ---------------------------------Paul Krueger ------

The MuscleMania Superbody, held annually in south Florida, has a tradition of attracting great physiques from the U.S. and beyond. The 2005 event was true to form, with some excellent physiques on stage. We were there to shoot thousands of photos, both on-stage and outdoors, and these are in the process of being published on MostMuscular ULTRA. And we also rounded up five of the most photogenic physiques for a feature video shoot the following day at a local gym.

Topping the list is Morris (Mo) Mendez, whose virtually flawless physique earned him the top spot in the show's pro division. We showcase Mo's textbook biceps in some great gym footage.

We also shot tons of footage of junior champion Adam Cohen, whose physique, head to toe, looks much more mature than those of many bodybuilders twice his age. Adam's biceps are nothing less that spectacular, especially considering his age, and we feature them prominently in this DVD.

Another young competitor in the event was Myles Hannaman, whose symmetry, hardness and rock-solid midsection has made him a sought-after favorite of fans and photographers alike. We shot Myles training arms and several other bodyparts to accentuate his entire physique.

Paul Krueger grabbed plenty of attention on stage with his dense muscularity, solid arms and truly massive chest. So we concentrated the gym footage on his pecs and biceps, which plenty of reps and close-up footage.

New York competitor Quanne McCutchen brought a solid physique to the event with chiseled abs and gigantic biceps. His flexed arms feature huge, full and peaked biceps, and there's plenty of footage of Quanne working those guns and other bodyparts as well.

Don't miss this chance to see to top physiques up close -- today's champion's and tomorrow's stars -- as they pump and pose their awesome arms, huge pecs and overall physiques.

This DVD production is approximately one hour and 32 minutes running time and is recorded in DVD-R format. Available now!

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We also shot high resolution photos of all the guys in this DVD. These photos, which number in the hundreds, will be published on MostMuscular.Com ULTRA.

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Guns 2005: South Beach Edition

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