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IFBB Pro Michael Lockett

IFBB Pro DeShaun Grimez

NPC Bodybuilder Leo Jauregui

NPC & M'mania BB'er Brent Kutlesa

NPC bodybuilder Bobby Church

NPC Bodybuilder Orlando Smith

Few new pros in recent IFBB history have generated as much interest and discussion as Michael Lockett. His enormous muscularity and density turned heads at every show he attended or participated in during the past couple of years. And Michael's appearance in this DVD production will do the same!

We shot Michael in the gym right after the 2007 Arnold Classic closed its doors Sunday evening. Even though Micheal didn't compete in the show, he was in his trademark great shape. While at the gym he caught the eye of Muscular Development photographers, who arranged a shoot with him the next day. And the rest, as they say, is history.

You'll see Michael working and posing his stunning calves and quads as well as arms and back in this hot new DVD production. Mihael is also featured in two other MostMuscular.Com DVDs: Guns 21 and Guns 11. Order all three DVDs with Michael (see below) to get your "Lockett Fix" at a discount price and see this new pro when we shot him in 2005 -- before he became a star!

Speaking of new "stars," we shot another new IFBB pro -- DeShaun Grimez -- in Las Vegas the day after he won his pro card at the 2007 NPC USA Championships. You'll see a very impressive DeShaun trainig and posing his mountainous biceps and thick, ripped pecs.

Next up is NPC amateur bodybuilder and former wrestler Leo Jauregui. Leo stepped on stage at the 2007 Ronnie Coleman Classic and gained acclaim for his hard, symmetrical physique, baseball biceps, chiseled abs and movie-star looks. You'll see Leo training in Plano, Texas, in excellent shape. And if you like what you see of Leo in this DVD, you can see a lot more of Leo -- both indoors and outdoors -- in Guns Young Muscle 2007. We think that he's a fitness magazine cover waiting to happen...

Another young "total package" bodybuilder featured in this production is natural competitor Brent Kutlesa. Brent took to the stage at both the NPC Lone Star and the Musclemania Superbody in 2007. We've also done several shoots with Brent, before competitions, after competitions and in his off-season. Regardless of what the calendar shows, Brent always brings his clean, rock-hard physique to the stage, the park and the gym. You'll see Brent do a variety of exercises and posing in this production, but his incredible abs steal the show from his other excellent muscle groups. You can see more of Brent in Guns Young Muscle 2007.

Moving along to more quality muscle...

Cincinnati bodybuilder Orlando Smith hits the gym in his hometown just before the 2007 NPC Junior Nationals. Orlando trains and poses some sharply peaked biceps and massive pecs with what some say is the look of a smaller version of IFBB pro Johnnie Jackson.

Another competitor we shot in Columbus last year after the Arnold Classic was Virginia bodybuilder Bobby Church. Bobby stepped on stage with impressive body parts from head to toe -- a Victor Martinez look-alike in many respects. This DVD showcases Bobby's stunning arms, big chest and thick, sliced-and-diced quads in gym training and posing plus a photo shoot afterward.

Bottom line: We showcase six exceptional physiques in this 100-minute (approx.) DVD production from MostMuscular.Com. Order it individually below or as part of a package deal (more info at bottom of the page).

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Guns: The New Breed

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