Guns, etc. 2004: Vegas Edition

Our latest installment of our "Guns" series takes place in one of the world's favorite vacation destinations: Las Vegas, Nevada.

We began shooting "Guns, etc. 2004: Vegas Edition" early Sunday morning, the day after the prestigous NPC USA Championships. In fact, we began before dawn with physique icon Dave Johnson. You'll see Dave blast his awesome chest, biceps, triceps and calves at the Gold's Gym on Flamingo Ave. Then it's back to the hotel for some morning posing in the pool and on the lawn.

Then it's back to the gym for more shoots. Next in line is T.J. Schoenborn, whose definition is the definition of definition, especially in his shredded quads. You'll see plenty of footage of those vascular wheels trained and posed, along with his peaked biceps. A rising star in the NPC you won't want to miss!

Next up in Joe Ament, a Pittsburgh native who enjoys distance running and stays in shape all year. And that passion reflects itself in his rock-hard physique. We asked Joe to train and pose his two best bodyparts - chest and arms -- and the result was some outstanding footage!

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Guns, etc. 2004: Vegas Edition

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