Guns Vegas 2006.
Six bodybuilders trains biceps and more

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Frank Nezdoba

David Hughes

Troy Tate

Phil McDowell

Seieryth Leandre

Joey Decaminada 

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It's back to Vegas for the 2006 USA Championships and back to Gold's Gym for some heavy duty biceps training and more.

Arizona bodybuilder Frank Nezdoba became a photographers' favorite during the NPC USA competition because of his rock hard conditioning and his classic baseball biceps peaks. You'll see plenty of Frank's amazing arms up close in intense gym training footage.

Likewise for national-level NPC competitor David Hughes, whose own biceps are better described as "grapefruit sized." David, who came to the show in top notch shape, trains those peaks ober and over, set after grueling set.

National-level NPC competitor Troy Tate is a familiar face and physique on MostMuscular.Com, and his workouts at Gold's showcase his awesome arms, tree-trunk legs, chest and more.

Jacksonville's Phil McDowell was in Vegas prepping for the 2006 IFBB North Americans where he placed top 10 in a tough super heavyweight class. Phil's monster guns are the focus of his training session as he pumps out rep after rep on bis and tris.

New IFBB pro Seieryth Leandre was in town to support his friend Troy, so we talked him into an arm workout at the gym. Seieryth won his pro card at the 2005 NPC Nationals, and you'll see from his training how he won his pro card.

Rounding out the muscle at Gold's Gym is Ohio bodybuilding champion Joey Decaminada, who trains his arms and puts on a great exhibition of pumping and posing.

This production is approximately 112 minutes of ripped muscle recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R and shipped in a standard DVD case with a full-color wrap.

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