Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 1
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Guns Vegas 2008 Volume 1

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Vegas 2008
Volume 1


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Vegas 2008
Volume 1


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Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 1

The NPC USA weekend always attracts some of the top amateur bodybuilders in the United States to make an annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the prestigious competition. And Las Vegas itself is becoming a bodybuilding "mecca" of its own, with a respectable number of amateur and pro bodybuilders calling America's party city their home.

The 2008 NPC USA lived up to its billing. And our camcorders were there (and in Oklahoma City prior to the event) to capture footage of three awesome bodybuilders.

In "Guns Vegas 2008 - Volume 1" you'll see plenty of footage of the immensely popular Denis Sergovskiy, a newly-named IFBB pro who makes Vegas his base. Denis, a Russian born bodybuilder with an incredible physique and personality to match, hits each major upper body muscle group to showcase his impressive physique after three grueling days of photo shoots. You'll see Denis training at the beginning of the DVD and again at the end with footage from a different camcorder and a different perspective.

NPC USA lightweight competitor Brent Kutlesa brought his always chiseled physique to the USA competition. We shot Brent a week before the show in Oklahoma City where he trained and posed to fine tune his musculature. Brent's rock-hard midsection steals the show in this classic gym footage. And we also shot Brent in Las Vegas getting the finishing touches of his spray tan applied.

Also in Vegas for the competition was heavyweight Vladimir Sizov, who finished eighth in that very tough class. You'll see Vladimir hit the weights at the Gold's Gym East Flamingo location the day after the competition.

This DVD is approximately 90+ minutes in length and is recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R discs. Order yours today!


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