Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 3

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Scott Hutchinson
Zin Croon
Joshua Fred
Brian Yersky
Troy Tate

Guns Vegas 2008 Volume 3

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Vegas 2008
Volume 3


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Vegas 2008
Volume 3


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Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 3

Guns Vegas 2008 Volume 3 features five veteran amateur bodybuilders training and posing at Gold's Gym in Las Vegas and/or posing outdoors in conjunction with the 2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships.

One of two "big guys" in Volume 3 is super heavyweight Zin Croon, who powers his way through the gym, training and flexing his baseball biceps, thick delts, massive pecs and sliced quads. The other "big guy" is Brian Yersky, who skipped the 2008 USA in favor of a contest later in the season but nonetheless took time to train his massive biceps and shoulders for the production.

There's no shortage of light heavyweight talent in this DVD, with two top five USA competitors for you to see. Troy Tate, whose third-place finish at the event bore testimony to his being in the best shape of his life, hits pose after shredded pose during an outdoor photo shoot -- back, biceps, glutes, legs -- all suitable for a human musculature anatomy chart. Fifth-place LHW finisher Joshua Fred also poses in a hotel courtyard, showcasing his massive, balanced physique. Rounding out the video is 11th place middleweight Scott Hutchinson, who blasts his rugged biceps in the gym and poses for photos outdoors.

This hot new DVD includes approximately 93+ minutes of training, flexing and posing by top bodybuilders and is recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R discs. Order Volume 3 or a Guns Vegas 2008 DVD and save!!!


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