Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 4

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Troy Tate
Adam Young
George Maiorano
Jimmy Nguyen

Guns Vegas 2008 Volume 4

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Vegas 2008
Volume 4


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Vegas 2008
Volume 4


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Guns Vegas 2008: Volume 4

Five NPC USA Bodybuilding Championship competitors -- from lightweight to super heavyweight -- hit the gym in this new muscle-packed DVD from MostMuscular.Com.

Shot entirely at the Las Vegas Gold's Gym East Flamingo, you'll see bulging biceps; thick, wide lats; cross-striated triceps; pumped pecs; sliced and diced quads; diamond-hard calves; stunning vascularity and more in Guns Vegas 2008 Volume 4.

We start with the photogenic Adam Young, whose 15th place in the heavyweight class doesn't do justice to his popularity and marketability. Adam trains and poses quads, biceps and calves in front of our lenses. Next up in George Maiorano, a veteran bodybuilders who defines the terms "thick" and "vascular." George, who finished 12th in the LHW class, works his back, biceps and triceps in this video.

Jimmy Nguyen, who placed second in the USA lightweight class, trains and poses his symmtrical muscularity in a demonstration of why the judges scored him one position from the top. Finally we again see a shredded Troy Tate, this time in the gym working and posing his rock-hard quads, biceps and pecs.

This DVD is approximately 91 minutes in length and is recorded in NTSC format on DVD-R discs. Order yours today so you don't miss the massive muscle conpilation!


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