Guns, 2005: West Texas Edition

This new DVD from MostMuscular.Com showcases four great competitors from the 2005 NPC West Texas Championships: Men's open overall champion Miguel Pederes, whose rock-hard, symmetrical physique is ripped to the bone; Men's novice overall champion Edic Underwood, whose muscle density and shape are outstanding; Men's novice lightweight champion Ryan Lawson, a 20-year old with great potential in the sport; Novice middleweight Jacob Thompson, another talented young competitor.

The production includes intense gym training and posing footage (about 90% of the DVD content) as well as high quality on-stage footage from the show. Approximately 98 minutes, NTSC, DVD-R. All contents of this page, this site and this production are Copyright 2000-2005 by MostMuscular.Com.

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Guns 2005: West Texas Edition

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