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Backstage at the 2009 Musclemania World - Guns 2009 XXL - Guns 2009 Feelin' the Burn

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Guns XXL 2009
Massive muscle: Craig Golias. Brian Yersky & Rob Terry

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XXL 2009
Golias / Yersky / Terry
800 total pounds of muscle

Guns XXL -- the title says it all.

The guys are huge, all tipping the scales at 270 or above. And they're not just big. They are solid, strong and shredded.

We start with Craig "Goliath" Golias. The massive muscle monster puts on quite a show training and posing at Gold's Gym in Las Vegas. Craig's upper body is stunning, with melon-sized delts and grapefruit-sized biceps.

Next up is veteran national-level NPC competitor Brian Yersky. He trains and poses in Pittsburgh where he worked a booth at the Teen-Collegiate-Masters Nationals. Tree-trunk legs, giant arms, titanic traps and crazy calves are his trademarks, and you'll see plenty of those and more.

We wrap up with pro bodybuilder and pro wrestler Rib Terry. This native of Wales towers over his on-stage competitors and dominates the gym. Shot in Tampa, this DVD showcases Rob's arms and shoulders in exercise after exercise and poses after pose.

Huge guys, monster muscle. 'Nuff said. Get yours now.


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