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Sean Glassman

Brent Kutlesa

Leo Jauregui

Brandon Bass

We often shoot our clients the day after they appear on stage at a competition. But sometimes we shoot some great talent attending, rather than competing, in a show.

Such was the case in Columbus, Ohio, when photographer Bill Comstock pointed us in the direction of natural bodybuilder Sean Glassman. We took that opportunity to shoot Sean at Wolrd Gym that day training and posing a very impressive set of guns. (After all, it's a "Guns" DVD!) Lots of footage of a young man with great potential in the sport.

Another young bodybuilder oozing tons of potential as either a bodybuilder or model is natural competitor Brent Kutlesa, currently a dental school student. Brent has that combination of symmetry and hardness that hard work, diet and genetics can produce. He's almost never more than 10 pounds away from competition shape, and in this DVD, he's hard as a rock and ripped to the bone. Brent trains and poses his way through a gym workout in Oklahoma City. And you can see lots more of Brent in Guns: The New Breed. Also look for even more of Brent in upcoming DVDs from MostMuscular.Com.

Another genetically gifted bodybuilder who "picked the right parents" is Leo Jauregui, who first stepped on stage at the very tough NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2007. His stunning biceps development accents a virtually flawless physique. His conditioning was spot-on as we shot him outdoors doing a photo shoot and indoors working those dynamite guns up close. That's more of this talented young lion in Guns: The New Breed.

Rounding out this production is Brandon Bass, a familiar face and physique to MostMuscular.Com customers and clients. Brandon once again brings his movie-star smile and aesthetic physique into the gym for some posing and training. Fans of Brandon can also see him in Guns 19, Guns: Model Muscle and Gym Pump 1 with Sagi Kalev.

In summary, we rounded up four young bodybuilders with the potential to make a mark in this sport because they bring symmetry, definition and a marketable look to the gym and the stage. This 99-minute (approx.) DVD production from MostMuscular.Com is available for ordering now and will ship starting February 17, 2008. Order it individually below or as part of a package deal (more info at bottom of the page).

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Guns: Young Muscle 2007

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