Guns, etc. 2002
130 minutes of high caliber biceps, etc.

Includes workout footage of 2002 NPC Nationals champs
Joe N'Tiforo (HW) and David Henry (MW)

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One sure bet every year in Las Vegas is that the NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships will bring many of the nation's best amateur bodybuilders to town to square off in one of the nation's premier bodybuilding competitions. And 2002 was no exception!

We invited a select group of USA competitors to take a trip to the gym to pump and pose their biceps and one or two other bodyparts of their choosing. So you'll not only see great biceps, but you'll also see competitors training and posing their legs, backs, abs, pecs. etc. (Thus the title, "Guns, etc.")

We shot detailed close-ups of 13 ripped competitors in extended pumping and posing segments to highlight the physiques they've forged through hard work, rigorous diet, dogged perserverance, and an occasional gift of good genetics.

And that's not all. To round out this production we included workout and posing footage shot earlier this summer in Texas and Utah. And you won't want to miss the special appearances by Chris Bennett and Brad Hollibaugh, owners of some of the biggest and baddest guns in the business.

This 130-minute production -- available on DVD, was shot entirely under natural gym lighting (and outdoor lighting) to preserve the highlights and shadows that bring out the detail down to the muscle fibers themselves.

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