Ko Chandetka Workout 

OK. We could have written our own description of this video, but we chose to publish these comments from a customer:

"He is in AMAZING shape! Ko's arms are undoubtedly some of the finest, PEAKiest in bodybuilding history. As he works out and flexes, drawing in more and more blood and power, these twin peaks strain ever skyward into the rarefied air of the musclesphere! It will take your breath away! It's like you're watching the birth of two new Everests. This DVD should come with its own oxygen supply. The camera lingers so you get a good long look at everything, from every angle, with plenty of in-yo-face close-ups. Great locker room posing too. He is totally shredded. Cuts everywhere... You can see the rippling triceps fibers on the INSIDE of his arms. The DVD has close-up footage of his legs too. This is where DVDs are far superior... You can see every muscle fiber firing. It's unbelieveable!!!"

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