More Muscle: Volume 2
Matt Fleming - Stephen Perry - Chris Smith
Andrew Vu - Freddie Naidu - Nick Soto

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More Muscle Vol. 2

Part two of a new series...

The concept of our new "More Muscle" series takes a step forward with Volume 2 which showcases six Texas bodybuilders.

The featured athlete with the "most" muscle is Big Chris Smith, who poses his super heavyweight physique in an outdoor setting. The youngest bodybuilder in this production is Matt Fleming, who show enormous potential. Another newcomer is Stephen Perry, who shows off his accomplishments at Metroflex Gym Plano.

Freddie Naidu and Andrew Vu prove that excellent physiques need not be huge physiques. And bodybuilder / model Nick Soto shows why he's a favorite of many physique photographers.

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More Muscle 2 (excerpts)

More Muscle 2 50x preview

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More Muscle
Volume 2



More Muscle
Volume 2



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