Pecs, etc. 2004: Volume 1

We've done "Guns." Lots of great "Guns." And we have some awesome "Day After Workouts" planned for the coming year. So now we debut "Pecs, etc. 2004 - Volume One," a compilation of footage from five bodybuilders training and posing some great torsos.

We begin with the previously unused training footage of the awesome Tamer El Shahat, shot the day after his impressive win at the 2003 Musclemania World. You'll see Tamer and his friend hitting the iron and the pulleys to sculpt their physiques.

Next you'll see Ray Barnett, a national-level NPC competitor with a balanced, ripped physique. Ray trains a variety of body parts, but when he poses, his superb chest can steal the show. Ray trains biceps, triceps and legs as well.

Conway, Arkansas training buddies Brent Scroggins and Henry Briscoe hit the weights hard the day after competing in the NPC Arkansas Championships, focusing on pecs, biceps and back. Brent's pecs get more vascular with each set, while Henry's already impressive pecs get rounder and more striated with each rep.

This DVD-R video runs approximately one hour and thirty-five minutes and is Copyright 2004 by MostMuscular.Com.




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