Photoshoot 2:
When Dreams Come True

Sagi's best-ever DVD now shipping!

Two-DVD set - 135 minutes

Sagi's first trip to California for a magazine cover shoot took place in August and September of 2003, and we chronicled the trip to produce "Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes," which set the pace for Sagi's DVD series. Fifteen months later -- in November of 2004 -- we did the same thing, logging footage of Sagi's preparations for and participation in shoots with both Muscle & Fitness and Ironman magazines. This time Sagi was five pounds heavier and in ripped, rock-hard shape -- arguably his best condition ever!

We started shooting the Saturday before the California trip in Houston, Texas, where Sagi was cheering on two of his clients (who won their classes) at the NPC John Sherman Classic. We next shot Sagi the following day as he posed and explained his preparations for the shoot -- while taking a short break from watching his favorite Sunday night wrestling program at home.

Monday afternoon and evening we shot Sagi in California as he continued his preparations for his Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shoots. You'll get up close and personal as he checks his physique and makes sure he's at his best for the photographers -- massive, vascular and shredded!

You'll see more of Sagi Tuesday morning before he leaves the hotel room; en route to the shoot; and getting prepped for the shoot. We were given permission to shoot video during the actual photo session, so you'll get a feel for what it's like to be in the studio in front of the lens.

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning you'll see Sagi again checking his incredible physique up close -- his diamond-shaped calves, cross-striated quads, rock-hard glutes, washboard abs, massive pecs, baseball biceps, ripped shoulders and Christmas-tree lower back. And you'll see another day's photo session in Southern California, including more footage at the actual shoot and interaction with his friend, Dror Okavi, another former Israeli bodybuilding champion.

The production is approximately 135 minutes in length and began shipping December 10, 2004.


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Photoshoot 2

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