Sagi: Between the Shoots

Sagi Kalev was no stranger to being in front of a camera. He had been on the cover of several fitness magazines during the 1990s. His face and physique were featured on numerous novelty items in Spencer's Gift stores all across the U.S. But in the spring of 2003, Sagi began a new phase in his life with a decision to aggressively pursue a career as a bodybuilder-model.

His first major photo shoot of 2003 came in mid-summer; his second in late August / early September. And another took place in early December. The result? Four major magazine covers and dozens of product ads. And that is just the beginning...

Keeping his amazing physique in great shape year-round is just one of Sagi's special talents. And that's obvious in his new DVD production, Between the Shoots, which focuses on Sagi flexing, posing and training his world-class physique.

This one-hour, 40-minute production begins with footage of Sagi pumping up and posing outdoors a week before his August shoot, followed by extensive indoor posing at home on several occasions in the fall of 2003.

The action than shifts to California for Sagi's December shoot, with lots of hotel posing footage and some excerpts from s shoot at a local gym.

The DVD also includes extensive footage of a summer gym workout showcasing his awesome shoulders and biceps.

What you'll see in Between the Shoots is an intense, close-up view of Sagi's physique during a six-month period, at weights between 195 and 210 pounds. If you like to see Sagi, you'll love this DVD!

Between the Shoots

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