Sagi 2005: Gym Pump 2 with Tony Giles

Chances are if you routinely check out bodybuilding and fitness magazines you've seen photos, articles and/or covers showcasing Sagi Kalev and Tony Giles. Close friends and personal trainers for many years, Sagi and Tony finally get together for the first time in this video production shot in the Dallas, Texas area. Sagi and Tony train biceps in a raucous, interactive and hard-core workout that's entertaining and informative. Sagi and Tony also share their training philosophies and step outside for a hot photo shoot.

You'll also see Sagi training and posing in one of his trademark workouts at a downtown Dallas gym.

Approximately one hour and 20 minutes of training, posing and flexing. NTSC DVD-R.Shipping begins Nov. 22, 2005. Order your copy today!


Gym Pump Volume 2

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