Sagi: Workouts

Success as a bodybuilder is usually a combination of proper nutrition and supplementation, a little luck in the genetics department, and a disclipined approach to training. That's the formula that's worked for Sagi.

This new DVD-R production, Sagi: Workouts, was shot on location in Dallas, Texas, during actual workout sessions in June, July and November. No hype or staged movements here -- just the real thing with Sagi and friends hitting the weights hard.

You'll see lots of Sagi training his awesome arms and chest as well as back, legs and shoulders during four different workout sessions. And, of course, there's lots of flexing and physique-checking between sets.

This one-hour, 45-minute (approx.) production, edited by MostMuscular.Com, is now available for purchase in DVD-R format.


Sagi: Workouts

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