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Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

Awesome posing and flexing by
America's hottest male cover model

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The schedule: Six grueling photo/video sessions during a single week.

The challenges: Looking ripped, full and vascular for every shoot. Maintaining a regimented dietary plan before, during and after each session. Having the energy, the attitude, and an exceptional head to toe look that exceeds the expectations of the photographers, the sponsors and the editors.

The man for the mission: Sagi Kalev, a red-hot bodybuilder-model who's taken his already exceptional physique to new levels of leanness, size and symmetry.

Sagi -- Photo shoot: Behind the Scenes gives an in-depth look at how this awesome bodybuilder-model fine tunes his diet and daily routine to keep his amazing physique in near-perfect condition over an extended period. Starting with his food preparation and physique assessment in Dallas, and ending with his photo shoot in Hollywood for the cover of Muscle and Fitness, this unique production showcases Sagi's daily preparation strategies for each photo session. Highlighting the visuals are Sagi's frequent detailed assessments of his chiseled, symmetrical physique, shot almost entirely in his Marina Del Ray hotel room.

This one-hour, 45-minute (approx.) production, shot August 28 through September 3, 2003, was edited by MostMuscular.Com.

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