Trail to the Nationals 2002

We call this series "Trail to the Nationals" because we crossed paths with 18 national-level
bodybuilders and videotaped their workouts and/or posing practice sessions. The result? Two DVD productions totaling of great bodybuilding and fitness action shot in September through November, 2002.

You'll see outstanding amateur competitors like David Henry, now a successful IFBB pro.

But that's only the beginning. In "Trail: Men Part One" you'll see extensive footage of
massive middleweight Garret Anway, the mind-blowing biceps of newcomer Bren Baldwin,
impressive heavyweight veteran Darrell Terrell, perennial crowd-pleasing middleweight
Prince Fontenot, and five other impressive competitors. "Trail: Men Part Two" showcases
ultra ripped middleweight Rob Garcia, massive super heavyweight Jason Bard, the extremely
photogenic heavyweight Jeff Dwelle, symmetrical and ripped heavyweight Greg Davis,
rock-hard middleweight David Henry, and four other great competitors.

These productions are available on DVD.

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